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Simple Fractal's bots are a staffing solution

Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Problem

Everyone is struggling with hiring and retention. Robotic process automation “bots” are really digital employees; they’re just doing the most tedious, manual, error-prone processes that nobody else wants to do. They don’t get tired of the job and quit, and instead avoid a cycle of turnover.

One of our clients had an employee quit whose primary responsibility was to enter and track temporary/dummy authorizations. Their EHR system required an authorization for scheduling, however the client wanted to schedule appointments in advance to get ahead, under the assumption they would ultimately obtain an authorization.

The entire job was simply to fix a workaround created by the lack of functionality in their EHR/scheduling application. It consisted of repetitive chores around data entry/deletion and copying/pasting information from other systems. When the employee quit, nobody else wanted to do the job, and the client struggled to fill the role.

The Solution

Instead, we built a bot that covered 100% of what this resource was doing. Not only did the bot do it more cost effectively but also improved overall employee morale by eliminating the need for humans to do such tedious work. In addition, the client avoided the likelihood a new hire would also quit after a short period of time, restarting the cycle and requiring the client to find another temporary replacement.

By hiring a bot to do the jobs that nobody wants to do, you can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and enhance employee morale.

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