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for ABA Providers

Optimize financial outcomes, enable growth and enhance care quality with proven bot solutions in RCM, Client Services, and HR compliance.

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Meet Your Digital Co-Worker

Delegate routine RCM, HR and compliance tasks to bots instead of human beings and see improvements in operational and clinical metrics alongside a boost in employee satisfaction.

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Elevate Human Work™

Only 32% of employees are engaged at work, wasting human talent. Our bots do the mundane tasks better suited for machines so that your team can focus on work that demands human intellect and compassion:

"The favorite thing about my job is that a bot is doing my job, so that I can do my job."

- Anonymous Employee

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Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Our clients have enjoyed ROI up to 13X, been able to scale without increasing headcount, and elevated their staff to higher-level positions to drive more value.

With our dedicated maintenance team, some bots have run nightly for 6 years straight and processed $500M+.

We have worked hard to earn a star rating of 4.9 out of 5 and a client retention rate of 96%. An independent report from KLAS Research reveals that 100% of our existing customers plan to purchase from us again:

KLAS Research Report

Strategic Partner with 50-90% Reduction in FTE Requirements

We have worked with Simple Fractal for many years and developed a strategic partnership with them. Their bots have achieved 50-90% reduction in FTE requirements, and I've been impressed with their ability to customize their technology to our needs.

- VP of Revenue Cycle

81% Reduction in EVV Exceptions and Highest Fill Rate in Ever

Partnering with Simple Fractal has been a game-changer for us. They tackled our Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) challenge head-on, creating a simple yet powerful bot that cut our EVV exceptions by 81%, significantly boosting our compliance and efficiency.

When we needed to address our critical staffing issues, Simple Fractal stepped up again, delivering an advanced staffing automation solution that exceeded our expectations. Their innovative approach to incorporating caregiver preferences and a smart recommendation system led us to achieve the highest fill rate we've ever experienced. Their solution is so effective, we're planning to extend it across our business entities.

- Chief Operating Officer

Discovery Experts with Domain Expertise

From the perspective of collaboration with IT type companies, this has been the most successful. Even in a brief call and high-level overview, they are able to understand our business more quickly than others we've tried to partner with.

- VP of Clinical Quality and Training

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Case Study: 70,000 payments, 90% FTE Reduction, 13X ROI

Challenge: A national healthcare provider was swamped with a backlog of 70,000 insurance checks, overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of payment postings.

Solution: Our digital labor bot revolutionized their process, autonomously reconciling and posting transactions from hundreds of payors, handling approximately $130 million annually.

Outcome: The bot cleared the backlog in under 4 hours, reduced staff requirements by 90%, and uncovered $800k in unbilled services, delivering a 13X ROI over five years.

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What Could Your Numbers Be?

How much of your team's time is consumed by repetitive, process-driven tasks? What impact will our digital labor solutions have on your bottom line and your team's job satisfaction?

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