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Let Presley Handle PR on CentralReach

Empower your Client Services teams to focus on clinical progress conversations with families, not billing issues. Entrust Presley, your specialized digital admin for managing Patient Responsibility (PR) on CentralReach, to protect your revenue and ensure compliance, enhancing client relationships in the process.

Watch Presley do PR on CentralReach

Why Choose Presley?

Presley revolutionizes patient responsibility management on CentralReach by offering:

  • Streamlined Revenue Recovery: Efficiently manages growing patient responsibility balances, enhancing your revenue recovery. Our first client saw a 61% improvement in speed to collect and 72% increase in gross recovery rate.

  • Payor Compliance: Automates PR invoicing and collection processes, meeting contractual obligations effortlessly.

  • Improved Client Relationships: Maintains positive relations by empowering Client Services to focus on clinical progress rather than financial transactions.

  • Proven Track Record: Boasts over $50 million processed in patient responsibility across 200,000+ invoices, showcasing operational excellence.

  • Scalable Growth: Adapts to your growing needs without the extra overhead, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  1. No gruntwork: Automate away the gruntwork and see staff happiness and retention improve. Elevate human work and increase your return on human capital.

  2. Boosted PR Collections: Accurately and promptly invoice for PR, improving cash and accelerating payments.

  3. Stability and Control: Bots don’t get sick, go on vacation or ask for a raise. No need to hire and train additional staff when you grow - our bots will clone themselves to divide and conquer additional volume with 100% consistency.


in invoiced PR


in man-hours saved

Case Study: 72% Higher PR Collections, 61% Faster

Challenge: A prominent ABA provider was wrestling with rising patient responsibility (PR) balances, fueled by inconsistent invoicing practices. This inconsistency not only placed unexpected financial burdens on families but also led to challenging interactions between Client Services teams and clients, jeopardizing client relationships.

Solution: To tackle these issues, the provider turned to Presley, introducing automation into the PR invoicing and collection process. Presley brought much-needed consistency and transparency to these operations, easing the strain on Client Services and family interactions while optimizing financial management.

Outcome: Presley's deployment within an ABA provider's operations has resulted in remarkable improvements in financial performance and client relationship management:

What Could Your Numbers Be?

Are you ready to figure out what Presley can achieve for you? With proven results in boosting collections, accelerating processes, and enhancing client relationships, Presley stands ready to help your practice achieve its full potential.

Get a demo today and begin your journey towards a more efficient, client-focused, and financially robust operation.

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