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Delegate Gruntwork to Better Serve the IDD Community

Simple Fractal specializes in automating RCM, compliance, HR, and other administrative duties in Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) to empower your organization to serve the IDD community better. Discover how our innovative solutions, such as Reggie, transform the outlook for disability services providers.

Meet Reggie - A Blessing for Providers in CA

Reggie is specifically designed for Regional Center eBilling, allowing providers to delegate the arduous process and serve the IDD community better.

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The Advantages of Automation in IDD Services

Increased Efficiency

Reduce manual workloads, allowing staff to focus on more critical, consumer-focused tasks.

Enhanced Accuracy

Minimize errors in billing and administration, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


Reduce operational costs through streamlined processes and exception-based workflows.


Easily adapt to growing service demands without the need to hire.

What Our Clients Say

Simple Fractal's bespoke automation significantly streamlined our data management, swiftly gathering large datasets with improved accuracy. Their understanding of our needs led to rapid development and easy fine-tuning. The automation has not only reclaimed hundreds staff hours but also enhanced data integrity, giving us confidence in the completeness and accuracy of our information as we go live.

- Financial Analyst

Simple Fractal transformed our operations by automating manual tasks, leading to rapid reporting and enhanced decision-making. Their solutions not only saved on costs by reducing manual labor but also improved the accuracy of our reports, enabling efficient and better-informed business strategies.

- G2 Review from a CFO

Simple Fractal automated our billing and payment reconciliation processes, eliminating human error and freeing up valuable time for our staff. Their commitment to understanding and meeting our needs, along with their collaborative approach to refining the process, has significantly enhanced our reporting's reliability. This newfound efficiency is a stepping stone for further departmental improvements, and we anticipate a continued partnership with Simple Fractal for more process automation.

- Billing Supervisor

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