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Let Reggie Bot Do Your CA Regional Center Billing

Imagine unburdening your staff from the stress of eBilling every month. With Reggie, our specialized eBilling bot, you can now delegate this daunting task to a digital co-worker. Reggie is trained in the intricacies of eBilling and able to seamlessly process your service data submissions for all 21 regional centers. With experience managing over $100 million and the capability to work 24/7, Reggie is the leading regional center billing solution in California. Delegate eBilling to Reggie and free your staff to do what they signed up for — to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

Watch Reggie Do eBilling

Delegate Your eBilling in Three Easy Steps

  1. Export Your Data: Start by gathering your billing data. Our user-friendly template guides you through this process, ensuring you capture all necessary information with ease.

  2. Upload to SharePoint: Next, securely upload your data file to our SharePoint environment. Our platform ensures the highest levels of security, so your sensitive information is always protected.

  3. Review and Submit: Finally, access the eBilling site to find your billing tasks already completed by Reggie. Quickly review the data for peace of mind, then submit with confidence, knowing everything has been handled accurately and efficiently.

Why Choose Reggie?

  1. Deep-rooted Regional Center Billing Expertise: With best practices programmed into its DNA, and its seamless integration with CA Regional Centers, Reggie's performance is unmatched.

  2. Operational Excellence: With over $60 million billed across thousands of invoices on CA Regional centers, Reggie's track record speaks for itself.

  3. Setup for Growth: No need to hire and train additional staff when you grow or expand to other Regional Centers - Reggie clones can divide and conquer additional volume with 100% consistency.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  1. No gruntwork: Automate away the gruntwork and see staff happiness and retention improve. Elevate human work and maximize human potential.

  2. Boosted Cash Collections: Invoice accurately and promptly, to improve cash and accelerate payments.

  3. Stability and Peace of Mind: Bots don't get sick, go on vacation or leave. Take the stress out of the monthly billing cycle using our proven bot solution.


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