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Case studies / Healthcare

National ABA Therapy Provider

How we saved $2.7M per annum with RPA

Simple Fractal is a proud to have been selected as one of the first affiliate members of the Council of Autism Services Providers (CASP). We've demonstrated exceptional value by automating all stages of provider workflows to control costs, improve revenue, and enhance employee satisfaction.

With the software bots custom-tailored to our needs, we are now able to complete these processes faster, cheaper, and far more accurately. Simple Fractal has delivered exceptionally thus far, and we are looking forward to continued work with them.

- SVP, Revenue Cycle

Simple Fractal was able to resolve a problem in our authorizations department where four sets of other consultants have failed over the past 2-3 years. Their unique approach of building custom software bots fixed it on the first try.

- Insurance Utilization Manager

For the past two years, Simple Fractal's custom bots have been perfect. They run remarkably smoothly and consistently. Whenever maintenance has been required, they have been quick to address it. I particularly appreciate their effort to explain things in layman's terms - it really helps me understand!

- Director of Patient Access


A national healthcare provider with 2,800 clinical staff across 15 states and over $100M in revenue was underutilizing insurance and miscalculating billing, resulting in millions of dollars of waste.


We built custom software EHR bots to mimic the human workflows for revenue collection and payment posting on their existing patient accounting system. Our bots processed over $5.2M across a backlog of 70,000 insurance payments and $1M in patient copays.

$2.7M saved per year:

Highly scalable system that can be boosted when needed:

Millions in patient responsibility collected to date: