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Let software bots do the repetitive work.

Even with today's application advancements, staff often use multiple systems as part of their workflow. This common complaint can be caused by:

  1. Politics of competing vendors might inhibit the process.
  2. It can be expensive to integrate systems and it could be cost prohibitive.
  3. Current system technical limitations might make it difficult.

These are just a few things that may force individuals to manually enter information from one system to the next to continue with the workflow process.

The challenge creates multiple problems:

  1. It creates errors - studies have shown that duplicate data entry creates errors in at least 20% of system records.
  2. These errors create opportunities for patient/medical errors and payment denials.
  3. It takes staff time away from client services.
  4. Can force staff to take work home, impacting their personal/family life and creating turnover.

Bots don’t need any participation from third-parties to integrate systems, they simply mimic the human duplicate data entry process. If a human can do it, a bot can do it. The only difference is:

  1. Bots minimize errors.
  2. Bots can do it all day, every day without getting tired/bored.
  3. Bots don’t have a personal/family life they want to get home too.

If you struggle with unintegrated systems and thought duplicate data entry was something you just had to endure, think again, just use a bot.


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