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Featured Use Case

Simple Fractal's autonomous RPA bots reduce EVV check-in violations by 81%

Published: Friday, October 8, 2021

The Problem

A home health organization struggled with a high percentage of caregivers clocking into their shifts late - or not at all. These EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) check-in violations required follow-up by compliance staff and a huge expenditure of time and resources.

The Solution

Simple Fractal engineered a custom, autonomous RPA bot to notify caregivers via text message if they haven’t checked into their shifts on time. The bot sends the first reminder a minute after the scheduled start of the shift. If the caregiver still hasn’t checked in after six minutes, the bot sends a second reminder. Finally, after 16 minutes, the bot sends an escalation notification to the compliance team for manual follow-up.

Results and Impact

After seven weeks in operation, our bot reduced the number of weekly EVV check-in violations requiring manual follow-up by over 81%.

The reduction in calls between caregivers and staff as well as downstream correction processes totals a time savings of over 100 hours per week (or 2.5 full-time employees).

In addition, caregiver behavior has improved. Since caregivers know they will receive a notification and escalation if they don’t check-in on time, far more now check in on time without any notification.

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