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Featured Use Case

Simple Fractal’s RPA bot reduces non-compliant session notes by almost 90%

Published: Friday, June 24, 2022

The Problem

Auditing sessions for compliant notes can be a tedious, time-consuming task. These notes are required for billing, compliance, and outcomes measurement, and must meet certain standards of content and quality.

If notes are missing or incomplete, the compliance team needs to email the provider for additional information and/or correction. They then have to follow up to make sure the appropriate fixes were made. The result is a substantial administrative burden.

The Solution

Simple Fractal developed an RPA bot to autonomously review sessions and check for compliant notes. Non-compliant notes are submitted to the provider for review. If they still aren’t corrected, a progressive escalation process notifies the clinical supervisors for additional follow-up. In addition to helping prevent audits, the bot reduces the administrative burden of any audits that occur.

The Outcome

Within the first months of implementing the bot, our client saw a decrease in violations of up to nearly 90%. The result was hundreds of hours of reduced administrative time on compliance, improved cash-flow, and lower risk.

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