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Case studies / Retail


Enabled $40M+ in revenue from custom S’well orders

Simple Fractal architected, designed, built, and maintained our web portal to support our customers, decorators, and administrative staff to handle custom orders for our S'well bottles. It was incredibly successful and over the years grew to one of our most important sales channels.

- Chief Technology Officer

Before we engaged Simple Fractal, we had countless phone calls and emails with anxious customers trying to align on which printing options were possible and what the design would look like, or inquiring about the status of their orders. The web portal aligned expectations, allowed us to be transparent with our customers, and significantly increased the capacity of my team to fulfill a growing number of orders.

- Head of Custom Sales


A fast-growing hydration accessory company was unable to serve their corporate customers’ demand for custom-designed water bottles.


We created S’well Custom Leads, a web portal tailored to address the needs of corporate customers, third-party decorators, and members of S’well’s Custom Team. Through this platform, each stakeholder is now able to oversee and manage every stage of the manufacturing lifecycle of all custom bottle orders.

9.3x increase in revenue to $12M annually

61.5% reduction in cancellation rate

16.7x increase in order volume

61.8% reduction in fulfillment time

4.6x increase in staff efficiency (i.e. orders per rep)