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Featured Use Case

Simple Fractal RPA bot compiles over 25,000 session notes to aid medical record requests

Published: Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Problem

Compiling medical records for auditing, re-authorizations, and other uses is a tedious, time-consuming process. Many EHR systems don’t compile medical records with the push of a button. Therefore, staff resort to downloading session/encounter notes one by one and then manually compiling them and preparing them for submission.

The main issue is that many clients have dozens (or more) of encounter notes, assessments, progress reports, etc. Large organizations can sometimes dedicate multiple FTEs to this one administrative chore.

The Solution

Simple Fractal developed an RPA bot to automate this time-consuming and error-prone process. When a medical record request comes in, staff simply need to place a link to the relevant client in a spreadsheet monitored by the bot. The bot logs into the EHR system, compiles the medical records, and then places the records back in a folder for staff to pick-up and submit to auditors, insurance companies, or others.


Large organizations can receive hundreds of medical records requests on a monthly basis, requiring dedicated staff resources to keep-up. During its first few months in existence, our bot compiled over 25,000 notes for just pennies a piece.

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