Custom Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions Custom Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions Custom Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions


Don't switch EHRs, use RPA bots instead.

Use EHR Bots

Most EHRs aren't perfect, and vendors are reluctant to customize their product after your needs. Sometimes it gets so bad that you consider switching to a different vendor. Unfortunately, that can take years and costs millions, only to end up with different problems. Instead of ripping out your system root and stem, consider fixing the imperfections with RPA bots. It's lower cost and risk and can be done in a shorter timeline.

Because traditional technology options all involve considerable risk, cost, and time, many organizations have resorted to manpower to fix the imperfections of the current EHR system. The opportunity is to use digital labor instead.

Traditional Technology Options



Ask current platform vendor to automate your processes.

  • SaaS vendors rarely upgrade their product to accommodate custom needs since it goes against their business model.


Change your software platform.

  • Data migration is costly, complex, and often impractical.
  • Onboarding staff to the new platform is costly and risky.


Build your own from scratch.

  • Can be the most expensive and time-consuming option.
  • Your IT team may not have fitting expertise or bandwidth.
  • Your needs may have evolved by the time it is done.

On the other hand, adopting RPA means you can keep what works and fix what doesn't. It allows you to operate the underlying software platform using software bots, including processes for workarounds for imperfections or lack of third-party integrations.

With RPA, software transcends mere digital tools into digital labor and is a powerful meta-software to connect different software components and to drive repetitive processes.

Benefits of RPA


Does not alter your current system.


Maintains your workflow understanding.


Facilitates low-risk implementation.

Creative Employee

Allows employees to do more meaningful and creative work.


Scales up and down as needed.

Flexible Timing

Runs processes outside of standard work hours.

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