We develop products end-to-end, from business idea to polished application.

We are a world-class team of engineers and product experts based in NYC. We are the premier long-term technology partner for companies in industries ranging from finance and education to music and retail.

Our Work

We provide technology services to a diverse client base, from startups to multinationals, in a variety of industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Shipping
  • Real Estate
  • E-commerce
  • Consulting
  • Fashion
  • Non-Profits
  • Music

Our Happy Customers

  • They are thoughtful, thorough, responsive and creative. Simple Fractal is one of the best teams of developers I've had the opportunity to work with.


    Chief Operating Officer, DataKind

  • We hired Henry and Suneel at Simple Fractal to help develop what became known as Bounce – a Google Docs + Github app for music, basically. We released it as a semi-private beta in July 2017, and it attracted way more attention than we had anticipated. After Billboard wrote about Bounce, we had a rush of users putting the app through its paces and giving us great feedback, all actively monitored by the Simple Fractal team. We’re now working with Simple Fractal to fully realize the promise and capabilities of Bounce, letting people hear every version of every song.

    There are a lot of great coders out there, of course. What set Henry and Suneel apart is their sense of focus and thoughtfulness. There are so many little functionalities that you don't realize are part of building an app until you're actually in the thick of it. Simple Fractal helped us prioritize. Our relationship is more of a partnership than simple contract work at this point. They’re present and invested in our success. I often forget they have other, way bigger clients than us!


    Co-Founder, Godmode

  • Simple Fractal operated professionally, thoughtfully, and with actual interest in our product. I could clearly communicate with them and also respected their creative and technical decisions.


    Chief Product Officer, Kinvolved

  • Several students followed up with me after the workshop, and told me how much they appreciated Henry’s thoughtful approach to teaching Python to a group of beginners. We here at the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative were so pleased and impressed with Henry’s workshop that we decided to bring him back to lead more advanced workshops in Python and SQL.


    The Wharton School

  • I had the pleasure of working with Henry Xie as he was contracted to deliver Python Training services for 18 programmers at my organization, part of the US Navy. Every student came away from the 4 day course with increased confidence in their Python abilities and had all learned something, including those with past training.


    Training and Readiness Department Head at US Navy

  • Henry and Suneel aren't just great developers -- they're great to work with. My co-founders and I were all lacking in technical expertise, and Suneel and Henry did an amazing job of making the project accessible to us, capturing our vision, and working to meet our needs.

    Simple Fractal genuinely cares about the products they build and how their clients fare. While we worked with them, they felt like an extension of team.

    We'd definitely recommend Suneel and Henry to anyone looking to execute a major technical problem. They're more than up for it, and you'll really enjoy working with them.

    David Helene

    Co-Founder of Edquity

  • Working with Simple Fractal to develop a new product for our portfolio was seamless. The main reason we chose to work with Simple Fractal was a shared product development philosophy that emphasizes speed and efficiency and a process guided by data-driven decisions. Their ability to execute on all aspects of the product development process, from idea generation and prioritization, to wire framing and design, to software development and deployment made all difference. We view Simple Fractal as an extension of our product and technology teams and a partner that we will continue to leverage over the long-term.


    General Manager, Yipit

  • Their ability to tactfully articulate how we can optimize our work flow and increase our effectiveness in technical and non-technical terms was invaluable to our team.


    Product Manager, SYNAPP

  • Suneel and Henry were incredibly helpful. They customized the Python and Pandas workshops to Handy's specific data set and business problem, which brought the material to life. Conducting the class in person made for a better team-bonding experience that was more collaborative and conducive to questions.



  • Henry is an outstanding instructor. I was able to rapidly understand this otherwise complex material as a result of Henry's clear, concise, and personable teaching style. He was highly responsive to student needs, contending with a diverse audience of varying levels of computer expertise. In addition, Henry was quick to help me with a programming problem that I was attacking at work. His insight (including code snippets that I plan to use in the near future) was most valuable. I recommend him for any future training needs.


    Meteorologist at FNMOC, US Navy

  • We brought in Suneel from SimpleFractal for a Python boot camp for our BI and Finance teams and we found him to be a great instructor. The agenda and pace felt well planned, and we all felt we came away with a solid grasp of the fundamentals. I would definitely recommend SimpleFractal, especially for those looking for a more tailored experience.



  • Simple Fractal consistently went above and beyond the requirements. They're a strong team that [...] is unafraid to hammer out unclear details to make sure they build the best product possible.


    Co-Founder, Helix Running

  • Their ability to solve complex problems in both the technologies and user experience was not only impressive but invaluable to the success of our team.


    UX Designer, Thoughtworks

  • Simple Fractal did a review of our code and development approach. I was very impressed with their expertise and insights. Moreover, they worked really well with our existing team in what could otherwise have been a difficult situation. I highly recommend them.


    Partner, Philosophy IB

Our Expertise

Over the years, we have designed, developed and deployed countless products for mobile, web, scraping and data analytics. Whatever your technology need, we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

Our Workshops

We offer private trainings where we customize the material to your use case. Notable places include Wharton, the US Navy, Credit Suisse, AllState, Handy, and many more.


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