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Custom Reporting Across Systems

Understand your business holistically.

Most electronic health record (EHR) and billing systems come with a variety of standard reports. However, many organizations have the desire to aggregate reports across multiple systems, customize existing reports, create new ones, etc.

Very often these could entail creating data warehouses or reporting repositories which are expensive to create and maintain, hire the EHR vendor to create custom reports (also often a costly option) or create their own, often without the technical core competency.

A solution is simple - create custom, dynamic reports with RPA bots. Great things about using bots for reporting include:

  1. Custom

    Reporting capability is not limited to out-of-the-box functions.

  2. Inter-System

    Connect data points across multiple systems for a holistic view of your organization.

  3. Push Notifications

    Instead of relying on the traditional pull-model, use software bots to alert your staff on unusual activity or items that require human review via email, text or other push notifications.

  4. Fast

    Aggregating reports can be a tedious process. With bots, you can get a near real-time view of your organization.

  5. Reliable

    Bots will act with 100% consistency so you can trust your data.

  6. Extensible

    It's easy to connect new pieces, add columns, or adapt the reporting methodology.

  7. Learn more about how bots can automate and act on your report requirements.

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