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After seeking out one of Henry's Python workshops, Jeff Peck, the CTO of S'well, asked Simple Fractal to help solve a business problem.

S'well had been doing increadibly well from a sales standpoint - so well, in fact, that their support team was getting deluged by too many requests from major companies such as Uber, Audi, and Apple for custom-branded bottle orders.

Jeff knew that technology could streamline and scale their operations and thus increase the bottom line, so he briefed us on the issue, set up meeting swith the Custom Sales team, adn asked us to architect, design, and build a technology solution to his problem.

What We Discovered

Our first step was to walk through the current process and understand every single step of the operations workflow.

Like many other businesses that grew fast, the process at the time was heavily manual: juggling calls and emails between the corporate clients, in-house support team and the decorators that fulfill the orders.

After a meticulous series of conversations with the hard-working custom sales team at S’well, we came out with a rigorous understanding of how exactly we could help S’well automate their operations and unlock substantial revenue gains in the process.

Architecting the System

When we design systems, whether it’s back-end or front-end, we begin with what outcome the user is looking for.

In the grossly simplified order process, there are three main stakeholders, and this is what they each want:

  1. The corporate customer wants to automatically place an order, preview/approve the bottle design, and get notified as the bottles are decorated and shipped.
  2. The S’well Custom Team wants to be able to assign decorators, approve orders and manufacturing proofs, and have an efficient workflow for processing the orders.
  3. The decorator wants to automatically receive all of the materials and information they need to decorate, produce, and ship beautifully branded bottles to the end customer.

Armed with knowledge, we architected and designed the S’well Custom Leads system, consisting of separate web portals for the S'well admins, customers, and decorators.


To reduce risk and allow retraining time, we did a soft launch to only a portion of the Custom S'well orders. This went very smoothly and we incrementally opened up the system to handle the full volume of Custom S'well orders.

It was highly rewarding to see the operations software that we designed and built have such a measurably positive impact on the business. If your company is growing fast and you know that streamlining your operations would have a massive ROI, get in touch.


We built long-term relationships with the vast majority of our client base - S'well is no exception. Over half a year since initial delivery, we are still iterating on the custom S'well portals, executing efficiently by building out new features based on feedback and usage.

In addition, we are helping S'well with a separate internal app used to forecast sales and manage inventory procurement.

If you're interested in finding a long-term technology partner that understands your business and can support your evolving needs, we're your guys.


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