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For this New York-based language interpretation agency, Simple Fractal’s software automated a tedious operational process, reducing placement time by a factor of 40, and expanding capacity by 200%.

Lost Revenue

The hospital, the courtroom, the boardroom. For countless situations, it’s crucial to communicate with precision—even if participants don’t speak English. That’s why Simulingua supplies foreign language interpreters, on demand.

But for Simulingua, this was an operational deficiency, with the following factors in play:

As a result, it took hours to place inbound jobs. Simulingua was losing revenue, relinquishing market share—and preventing co-founder Mark Buckwalter from being the growth visionary his company needed.

On the hunt for a better option, Mark tapped multiple solutions, talking to developers and even trying off-the-shelf software. Other developers wasted $10,000s on solutions that didn’t work. The software was too unwieldy and finicky for the company’s needs.

That’s when a friend suggested Simple Fractal—and a transformative partnership was born.

A Workflow System Built Just for Them

From their first encounter, Simulingua co-founder Mark had a good feeling. The team asked great questions and came up with a definitive prognosis. "This is what will work, and this is what it will cost," they told Mark. This gave him confidence.

Simple Fractal decided to automate both outreach and data, then enable humans to dive in at the crucial decision point.

For each new job, the system automatically scans Simulingua’s vast database for eligible interpreters, based on cost, certifications, distance, etc. It then blasts a note to the eligible pool. The team can control everything on their new dashboard.

The system makes it easy for potential interpreters to respond with a simple click, too. This makes busy interpreters available, not out of luck.

As responses roll in, the Simulingua team takes over, reviewing candidates (easy due to the visible data), making selections (also easy), and confirming bookings—all in a few clicks. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

Easier Revenues, Superhero Status—and Vacation

The new system has optimized operations, taking an inefficient workflow and reducing time-to-place from two hours to 3 minutes, a 40x reduction. Capacity is up 200%—and our client can take on large projects with ease.

Case in point: a month after go-live, a competitor dropped the ball, leaving a client without five interpreters for a job that had started an hour ago. Within minutes, Simulingua had five replacements. Our client earned a grateful new customer, and emerged as a superhero

A month later, another competitor hired Simulingua. Because of Simulingua’s operational ease, this competitor now brings in 10% of our client’s revenue.

Today, the team is enjoying its new level of freedom. Stress levels are down. Mark is even taking a month-long vacation in a different time zone—his first since starting the company in 2008. He’s discovered a newfound benefit of business ownership—and given his business some much-needed room to grow.

I used to be up at 4am trying to contact people. That doesn’t happen anymore.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars on other people who couldn’t do what we wanted. Then we discovered Simple Fractal and were off to the races!”

Co-Founder, Simulingua

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