A mobile web app that empowers physicians to coordinate patient care from their phone.

Mobile Web HIPAA HL7 Integration

In consultation with the Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, we designed and developed MediPush, a mobile web app to streamline physician communication in order to help them coordinate patient care more effectively.

First, we had to conduct user interviews with physicians to determine the proper app flow as well as the critical pieces of functionality, which were as follows:

The patient case list helps physicians efficiently manage their work.

The user flow was as follows:

  1. Physician gets an SMS from the hospital about a patient getting admitted (Patient care begins).
  2. A link in the SMS redirects physician to a comprehensive mobile view of the patient’s clinical data, labs and all.
  3. The physician can then begin messaging other physicians on the case through secure in-app messaging.
  4. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, the physician can close the case from their patient case list view.

See here for a more detailed explanation of the features of MediPush.

One of the core challenges of our health data integration was that EHR systems store data in a variety of non-uniform legacy data formats, usually some derivative of Health Level 7 (HL7). To ensure data came in properly and was transformed into a standard format, we used the open-source Mirth Connect interface engine.

HL7 is complex and different versions have different nuances

Another important challenge was security compliance. Health data is extremely sensitive, so we had to be fully HIPAA compliant before having doctors use the app. Among other things, this meant that no SMS or email notification could contain any personally identifiable health information (PHI) and that all data had to be encrypted at rest and in transit. It was a high stakes security challenge that we managed to execute smoothly.

Because of the long healthcare technology sales cycle, MediPush did not make it out of the pilot stage, but it did provide us an in-the-trenches experience building core technology for healthcare providers and upholding industry-grade security protocols, skills we know will come in handy for future projects


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