Automating Candidate Capture in the Recruiting Workflow

Automation Workflow Tool Chrome Extension

Back in 1997, Adam Zoia, founder and CEO of Glocap Search, was the first to make technology an integral part of recruiting in the financial industry. This distinction established Glocap as a successful player in that field.

For the past two decades, Adam has taken time and resources to re-invest in technology to stay competitive and give his recruiters an edge in finding and placing the best candidates in the field of finance.

He approached Simple Fractal to help build a Chrome extension to greatly simplify candidate entry into his in-house applicant tracking system (ATS).

Recruiters can go to candidate profiles on LinkedIn and capture their data with one click as opposed to manual entry in their ATS.

Thanks to this new tool, candidate entry time was reduced from 15-30 minutes to a matter of seconds, allowing Glocap's recruiters to be more productive.

Recruiters can assign active jobs in the ATS to the newly captured candidate to streamline.

In the course of our investigation and development, we did the following:

Enterprises across all industries are full of processeses ripe for improvement using technology. We specialize in streamlining and scaling business operations and look forward to many more such projects.


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