Python Training for The Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center.

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The Fleet Numerological Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Monterey (FNMOC) processes massive amounts of data sent from satellites, sea vessels, and various other sources in its function to support the US navy in matters ranging from weather/ocean forecasts and optimal navigation of US military watercraft, to detailed models for Navy SEALs operations.

Lieutenant Nicholas Kutchak, Training and Readiness Department Head at US Navy, contracted Simple Fractal Co-Founder Henry Xie to deliver a week-long Python training for a team of meteorologists, scientists, and engineers at FNMOC to familiarize personnel with Python and related technologies.

US Navy Officers with Lieutenant Kutchak and instructor Henry Xie.
Henry performing live coding and explaining introductory Python concepts in class.

Like our other trainings and workshops, the class methodology includes:

We have found that this methodology empowers students to directly apply their newly learned skills in their everyday work. As an example, Henry helped a satellite meteorologist format incoming satellite data with an efficient Python solution, which will replace the Fortran script formerly responsible for the same task.

If you, too, want to empower your team with the modern tools for data processing and analysis, please get in touch - you won't be disappointed. See below for what Lieutenant Kutchak had to say about us:

I had the pleasure of working with Henry Xie as he was contracted to deliver Python Training services for 18 programmers at my organization, part of the US Navy. Every student came away from the 4 day course with increased confidence in their Python abilities and had all learned something, including those with past training.

Henry’s training approaches were considered well-paced and he was able to effectively communicate with the class in such a way that all felt personally engaged and cared for.

All the students were dismayed when he was not available for a follow-up Python Training as they had nothing but praise for Henry, his teaching methods, his level of organization and ability to adapt to the class.

Students commented: “Best instructor that I’ve ever experienced,” “Best training I’ve had in years,” “Exceeded my expectations.”

Training and Readiness Department Head at US Navy

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