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Edquity is a platform that helps high-school students make more financially informed decisions about where to go to college, taking into account cost of living, expected earnings, and debt computations. It grew out of the founders' experience teaching and running financial education curriculum to students. We were thrilled that they chose us as their design and technology partner to build out this product as we believe in Edquity's mission.

Edquity does the following:

Here the user can calibrate their financial information and immediately simulate what their cash-flow would be like at this institution.
At any point in time, the student can refer to the shortlist of colleges they've shown interest in and are in the process of budgeting for.

As with most new products that we build for our clients, we began working with Edquity in the ideation phase. After solidly understanding the core problem they were aiming to solve and recognizing that the application was to be a data-centric and computation-heavy application, we used our understanding of the data to come up with wireframes and create the designs for the product. Once we were confident we had iterated towards a strong and useful product, we were able to take the product vision and execute on it robustly and efficiently.

We really enjoyed building the Edquity platform and are optimistic that it will make a difference in the lives of the students who use it to make better decisions about how to invest in themselves and their education.

Henry and Suneel aren't just great developers -- they're great to work with. My co-founders and I were all lacking in technical expertise, and Suneel and Henry did an amazing job of making the project accessible to us, capturing our vision, and working to meet our needs.

Simple Fractal genuinely cares about the products they build and how their clients fare. While we worked with them, they felt like an extension of team.

We'd definitely recommend Suneel and Henry to anyone looking to execute a major technical problem. They're more than up for it, and you'll really enjoy working with them.

Co-Founder, Edquity

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