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Bounce is an app made by music creators for music creators. It provides an interface that makes it easy to collaborate on music, so that artists, song-writers, producers, can keep their feedback, notes, demos, and versions, all in one place.

Bounce Kit does the following:

Users can comment and leave reactions inline.
The owner of the song can securely share the song with others and view who has access.

Bounce has been an excellent partner to work with. They trust our technical and product judgment, allowing us to prioritize features efficiently after weighing the marginal benefit and cost. Having received great feedback from the web app MVP we built, the core concept has been validated and we're currently developing V2, which will feature a mobile app.

We enjoyed playing a role in helping artists get discovered and to make the process of creating music simpler.

Godmode is a music company based in Los Angeles. We take left-of-center artists and bring them slightly more to the center, and vice versa. Some of the artists we’ve developed include Shamir and Yaeji, both of whom were among handfuls shortlisted for annual BBC Radio 1 ‘Sound Of’ polls – a rare honor in our industry.

Every song a person hears on Spotify or Apple Music or the radio has gone through multiple revisions before it gets distributed – lots of demos, lots of songwriters, lots of notes, lots of people with feedback. Talya and I needed a solution to help us keep track of our artist’s demos and share them securely with the people who needed to hear them.

We hired Henry and Suneel at Simple Fractal to help develop what became known as Bounce – a Google Docs + Github app for music, basically. We released it as a semi-private beta in July 2017, and it attracted way more attention than we had anticipated. Apparently our whole industry was having the same problem we were. After Billboard wrote about Bounce, we had a rush of users putting the app through its paces and giving us great feedback, all actively monitored by the Simple Fractal team. We’re now working with Simple Fractal to fully realize the promise and capabilities of Bounce, letting people hear every version of every song.

There are a lot of great coders out there, of course. What set Henry and Suneel apart is their sense of focus and thoughtfulness. There are so many little functionalities that you don't realize are part of building an app until you're actually in the thick of it. Simple Fractal helped us prioritize. Our relationship is more of a partnership than simple contract work at this point. They’re present and invested in our success. I often forget they have other, way bigger clients than us!

Co-Founder, Godmode

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