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Our Happy Customers

Several students followed up with me after the workshop, and told me how much they appreciated Henry’s thoughtful approach to teaching Python to a group of beginners. We here at the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative were so pleased and impressed with Henry’s workshop that we decided to bring him back to lead more advanced workshops in Python and SQL.
The Wharton School
Suneel and Henry were incredibly helpful. They customized the Python and Pandas workshops to Handy's specific data set and business problem, which brought the material to life. Conducting the class in person made for a better team-bonding experience that was more collaborative and conducive to questions.
I had the pleasure of working with Henry Xie as he was contracted to deliver Python Training services for 18 programmers at my organization, part of the US Navy. Every student came away from the 4 day course with increased confidence in their Python abilities and had all learned something, including those with past training
Training and Readiness Department Head at US Navy


Corporate Training Offerings

Intro to Javascript
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Learn the basics of programming in the Javascript language, culminating in building an API-powered image carousel. No prior programming experience is required.

Intro to Python
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Build a strong foundation in Python and prepare for more advanced workshops. No prior programming experience is required.

Intermediate Python
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Learn more advanced Python techniques with plenty of hands-on exercises. Exercises include performing data analysis on a real data set read in via csv.

Data Science with Python
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Learn to read in, munge, and prepare data with Pandas and get hands-on experience building predictive models with Scikit-learn, for example predicting Boston house prices and building breast cancer detector.

Web Programming with Python
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Learn to use Python for web development through the popular Django framework. Concepts covered include MVC, routing, templating, database management and much more.

Pandas for Data Analysis
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Learn to use Pandas, a powerful Python library for data science. Students should have taken Intermediate Python or equivalent.

Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction
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Learn to apply unsupervised machine learning by performing cluster analysis, including KMeans and hierarchical clustering. Learn why, how and when to use dimensionality reduction, such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
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Get an introduction to the perceptron model of neural networks and begin actually training neural networks to solve classification problems, build convolutional neural networks for image detection, and finally get hands-on exposure to deep learning using TensorFlow or Lasagne.

Recommender Systems with Python
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Learn how to apply machine learning techniques to build a recommendation engine. You will be able to explain online versus offline training, and in particular apply online training to build a live movie recommendation engine that updates according to user feedback. You will experiment with different predictive models, such as Random Forest, Neural Networks, and Logistic Regression to determine which technique leads to the most accurate predictions.

Computer Vision
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Learn how to use the Python Imaging Library and OpenGL to automate image processing and prepare image data for the predictive modeling step. Them, you will apply various classification algorithms, from Logistic Regression to Convolutional Neural Networks to solve problem such as human face detection.

Advanced Regression Techniques
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Learn how to use regularization and other advanced regression techniques to produce better models. You will use statsmodels as well as Scikit-learn to put your knowledge into practice.

Working with Big Data
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Learn what big data is, what Hadoop is, and how to use the various parts of the big data ecosystem to your advantage. We will go through case studies of how big data provided business value to certain companies and outline practical steps to get started with using Big Data to make data-driven decisions.

Cluster Computing with Spark and Hadoop
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Learn how map reduce works, what Hadoop is, how to use it, how Spark is different, and get practical experience writing code for Spark, using the built-in machine learning modules and parallelizing massive computations.

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