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We keep it simple.

We are an NYC-based team of problem-solvers. We use software engineering, data science, and product design to deliver real business value in the fastest, simplest way possible.

Henry studied Applied Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science and graduated with honors from Harvard.

His passion for problem-solving is what inspired him to start Simple Fractal. By partering with clients to understand the specific business problems in each industry, he can leverage his tech and product skills to maximum effect.

Henry has lived on three continents and is fluent in three languages. Outside of growing the company and caring for his one-year-old, he enjoys rock climbing, the piano, and any game ranging from chess to StarCraft.

Founder and CEO
Henry Xie

Terence is a full-stack developer with experience in Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, web scraping and more.

He graduated from NYU Tisch, and entered the world of technology from the performing arts.

He aspires to contribute meaning to the human experience through his work, technology, and his honest communication and collaboration.

Fullstack Software Engineer
Terence Stone

Evan graduated from Villanova University with a BS in Biology, and entered the world of programming from the healthcare sector.

He is well-balanced across the stack, skilled in Python/Django and Ruby on Rails as well as frontend frameworks such as React and React Native.

He spends his free time listening to trance music, rock climbing, and pretending to know how to dance.

Fullstack Software Engineer
Evan Renaud

Eoghan is a passionate engineer who studied Full Stack Web Development at the Flatiron school and tutored there after graduating.

He works hard at any problem thrown at him, with a particular passion for backend technologies and systems. While he's worked with React and React Native, he's most comfortable in Python/Django, web scraping, setting up serverless infrastructures on Amazon Web Services.

In his free time Eoghan enjoys staying active with sports that range from swimming to football. An avid enjoyer of all things outdoors you will often see him on a beach, hiking trail, or bike ride through his native NYC boroughs.

Backend and Systems Engineer
Eoghan Leddy

Naz studied Finance at Baruch College and has a professional background in Banking and Financial Services.

His passion for technology brought his strong analytical mindset to the world of programming and technology. Here, he's enjoyed using React and React Native to build web and mobile apps, but is equally skilled in backend technologies and web scraping.

Naz spends his spare time tutoring and preparing students for standardized tests. He is also a competitive gamer involved with the tournament scenes for video games such as CounterStrike and Street Fighter.

Fullstack Software Engineer
Naz Khan

Andrew graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science. He continued his studies at the University of Washington, where he received a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics.

After being a programmer on secretive projects for the government, he brought his logic skills and analytical mindset to the private sector. While proficient on the frontend, his strength lies in backend technologies such as Ruby, Python, web scraping, and systems.

In addition to coding, Andrew enjoys dancing, traveling and watching sports, in particular the NFL and NBA. He is also an advocate of overall physical and mental well-being.

Backend Engineer
Andrew You

Patrick studied Psychology and Neuroscience at Cornell and proceeded to pursue a PhD there before switching to programming.

He is thoughtful about architecture and has led many a successful refactoring efforts here at Simple Fractal. His strength lies in frontend technologies such as React, though he's proficient in backend technologies too.

He enjoys a good challenge, and will get sucked into any hobby with a high skill ceiling and a means for constant progression- his favorites include musical instruments, hobbyist electronics, and competitive video games like Melee and DotA.

Frontend Engineer
Patrick Kim

Daniel graduated with a BA in Political Science from Notre Dame before becoming a full stack developer.

He's proficient in Ruby on Rails but React is where his expertise really shines. Constantly learning about new technologies and advanced patterns, he applies it to his work by making apt architectural decisions on the frontend.

He is an avid basketball fan and can’t say no to a pickup game. In his free time, Daniel can be found whispering to animals and playing blitz chess online.

Frontend Engineer
Daniel Cruser

Lincoln deeply enjoys the art of computer programming. Besides the pure excitement and curiosity about how computers work, he also believes that technology can bring better lives to people when used for social causes.

On the technical side, he has designed and built distributed systems, multimedia applications, development tools, network software, web apps and programming languages.

On the social impact side, he has worked on tools to improve participation in the Brazilian democracy as well as education and computer literacy in New York.

Senior Backend Engineer
Lincoln Clarete