Advisory consulting on technology and process for this organizational network analysis (ONA) tech startup.

Technology & Product Management Consulting

Philosophy IB, a strategy consulting firm based in New Jersey, were working on a technical product called SYNAPP - a web app that leverages organizational network analysis and social business analytics to help companies maximize their human capital.

  • SYNAPP performs organizational network analysis for companies.

They brought us in to identify issues in their technology and overall process to provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

To achieve this, we did the following:

  • Reviewed the code base to identify weaknesses and opportunities for refactoring
  • Analyzed their Git history to understand where their development process could be improved
  • Conducted interview with all team members, to get a complete understanding of what went well and what could be better
  • Presented our recommendations to the team and explained how each would add value

We have seen many teams formed and products built and it’s striking how important proper process is. It was a pleasure to share our experiences and learnings with SYNAPP so that they could avoid common pitfalls and get setup for success.

If you feel that your team could operate more efficiently, we would be happy to offer our services and help you do just that.

We consulted with Simple Fractal to help us build a better product. We were impressed with the way they were able to seamlessly connect with our team and intelligently identify the problematic areas within our code base. Their ability to tactfully articulate how we can optimize our work flow and increase our effectiveness in technical and non-technical terms was invaluable to our team. We enjoyed working with Henry & Suneel because they have fun while getting the work done and bring a lot of good energy. They are always willing to help and would be a towering addition to any project.

Grace Song

Product Manager, SYNAPP


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