A financial mobile app for couples that makes sharing expenses painless.

iOS & Android Development

Many couples share expenses, but managing them can be painful and awkward. So we built Partake, a mobile app that aggregates your finances similar to Mint.com, and allows you to split expenses right from your transaction feed.

We designed the app to be as simple and clear as possible, based on user interviews and early testing. We simplified the interface by humanizing the transaction names and categorizing - a project that would later lead to our work on Finhance.

Beneath the simple interface lay tremendous complexity. Integrating with thousands of banks to read transaction data and move money with ACH transfers was no trivial task. Security was paramount, but given our prior work in healthcare, we had no problem implementing bank-grade encryption of data, both in transfer and at rest.

Users could split transactions right from their transaction feed.

Partake allowed you to sync your accounts with most financial institutions.

Though we are proud of our product and development work on Partake, the underlying business model was unsustainable and forced us to discontinue the app. It was nevertheless a great app to work on, and demonstrates our ability to:

  • Integrate with thousands of banks to pull in transaction data
  • Implement ACH to enable secure transfers
  • Protect our app and datastore with bank-grade encryption and security
  • Support multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and web
  • Build a complex mobile app that is easy to use
  • Seek user feedback to drive our design decisions
  • Collect usage statistics to drive feature development

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