A mobile app that streamlines communication between schools and families.

iOS & Android Development

Kinvolved asked us to build a mobile app for their flagship web app. Their current product enables K-12 teachers take attendance and communicate with parents on the web, but it was time for a mobile solution.

Ideally, they wanted to present the app to teachers before the end of the school year, which meant we only had one month to complete the project. We focused our resources on executing this project, and were able to deliver a beautiful product for both iOS and Android.

The app enables teachers to do the following:

  • View their class rosters and take attendance
  • Send messages to parents of students
  • Customize pre-filled messages to send to tardy and absent student for each class
  • Navigate the student directory to get access to all key contacts

Teachers can take attendance for a given class and send messages to student guardians.

Teachers can easily mark attendance and specify reasons for absence.

When we heard from Kinvolved that many of their teachers were happy and excited about the new app, it really warmed our hearts. In the end, helping educators helps students, and that feels good.

Outsourcing development is tough! Working with Suneel and Henry was quite the contrary. I have worked with many firms during my career, and details are lost, requirements aren't adhered to, and creativity and collaboration are typically limited.

Simple Fractal operated professionally, thoughtfully, and with actual interest in our product. I could clearly communicate with them and also respected their creative and technical decisions. They were able to problem solve, and more importantly were available to provide technical support when my team needed it the most. They also received critical feedback well. It felt like these two gentlemen were even a part of my startup team!

It's with much pleasure (and honest feedback for other individuals and companies looking to outsource) that I recommend Henry and Suneel to support your technical needs.

Alexandra Meis

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Kinvolved


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