Data Analysis & Visualization using Python.

Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Python, Pandas

Handy is a platform that allows users to seamlessly book home cleanings. They operate in most major cities in North America and were valued most recently at $500 million. Because of their rapid growth in just the past few years, they now have a business need for analytics and data science.

Rebecca Greene, VP of Marketplace & Growth at Handy, asked Simple Fractal to train her team of engineers and analysts in the Python data analytics stack as well as data visualization.

We worked with Rebecca to customize our curriculum to the needs of their team and incorporating their proprietary data into the projects and examples, so that they could directly apply the concepts of analysis, predictive modeling and visualization to their own business.

Here is what we covered in our 4-day bootcamp:

  • Intermediate proficiency in Python.
  • How to use Pandas to read, combine, munge and transform data.
  • How to use Pandas to pivot, group and aggregate data sources.
  • How to use to create stunning visualizations.
  • Overview of data science with Python.

If you, too, want to empower your team to make data-driven decisions, we’d be happy to train them as well.

Suneel and Henry were incredibly helpful. They customized the Python and Pandas workshops to Handy's specific data set and business problem, which brought the material to life. Conducting the class in person made for a better team-bonding experience that was more collaborative and conducive to questions.



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