A fresh new website for DataKind, an international data science non-profit.

Web Development, CMS Integration

DataKind, a prominent data science non-profit based in NYC, wanted help refurbishing their website. In addition to fresh styles and a new layout, they needed a CMS system to easily add and modify content going forward.

Armed with clear designs and functionality specs, we built the full website from scratch using the following technologies:

  • Foundation for our front-end framework
  • Django for our backend
  • Mezzanine for CMS
  • Heroku for deployment
  • AWS for static assets
  • Python scripts to port over all the blog posts and other data

We are honored to have helped create a modern website for a non-profit that recruits data science volunteers to do good. In the process, we demonstrated our ability to:

  • implement designs with precision
  • create a highly customizable website, with an intuitive CMS interface
  • provide software services across the stack
  • handle deployment and perform systems maintenance

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It was a pleasure working with Simple Fractal, they are thoughtful, thorough, responsive and creative. Simple Fractal is one of the best teams of developers I've had the opportunity to work with.

Craig Barowsky

Co-Founder, DataKind


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