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S'well Streamlining Operations to Scale Sales Channel
Wharton University of Pennsylvania A Secure Data Platform for Wharton Researchers
FNMOC Python Training for The Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
Glocap Automating Candidate Capture in the Recruiting Workflow
Edquity College Financial Planning Made Easy For All
Handy Data Analysis & Visualization using Python
Yipit A Cash Back Program for Chrome
Bounce Create Music Together
Campus Kit A powerful mobile app that helps students stay on track in college
Synapp Advisory consulting on technology and process for this organizational network analysis (ONA) tech startup
Kinvo A mobile app that streamlines communication between schools and families
DataKind A fresh new website for DataKind, an international data science non-profit
Finhance An API that cleans and categorizes bank and credit card transaction data for financial technology applications
Medi Push A mobile web app that empowers physicians to coordinate patient care from their phone
Partake A financial mobile app for couples that makes sharing expenses painless
Web Data Aggregator Scraping, aggregation, and cleaning of web data on publicly listed companies for a hedge fund

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