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We are a team of thoughtful product makers out on a mission to solve business problems with technology.

Simple Fractal Team

Suneel Chakravorty


Suneel graduated from Harvard University with an AB in Mathematics and Mandarin.

In his free time, Suneel enjoys ballroom dancing, playing piano and keeping up-to-date on Netflix.

Henry Xie


Henry studied Applied Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science at Harvard.

Henry has lived on three continents and is fluent in three languages. He enjoys rock climbing, the piano, and any game ranging from chess to StarCraft.

Bernardo Fontes

Software Architect

Bernardo loves thinking and teaching others about code design, maintenance and testability. He's also a vocal advocate of Domain Driven Design.

He's very active within the Python community and loves expanding his interests, for example writing stories and learning how to play jazz trumpet.

Luciano Ratamero

Software Engineer

Luciano is an experienced full stack developer and master of the front-end.

He originally studied Journalism at Fluminense Federal University but his curiosity led him to become a full stack Python and JavaScript developer.

For fun, he likes playing the drums, writing, playing video games and making the worst possible puns.

Terence Stone

Software Engineer

Terence is a full-stack developer with an extensive background in the performing arts.

He aspires to contribute something meaningful to the human experience through his work, through technology, and through honest communication and collaboration.

Jackson Hoang

Software Engineer

Jackson is a full-stack developer with a passion for solving things and figuring out how things work. He attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick where he studied Cell Biology & Neuroscience.

He enjoys doing puzzles, playing board games like Settlers of Catan, video games from League of Legends to Clash Royale, and anything where there’s a competition. He follows sports heavily and his favorite teams are the Eagles and 76ers.

Evan Renaud

Software Engineer

Evan graduated from Villanova University with a BS in Biology, and worked in the healthcare industry before becoming a full-stack developer.

He spends his free time listening to trance music, rock climbing, and pretending to know how to dance.

Jake Pressman

Software Engineer

Jake is a full-stack web developer and Georgetown University graduate with a B.A. in Theater and Performance Studies.

To him, software represents the perfect blend of creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

In his spare time, Jake enjoys photography, ruminating on movie ideas, exploring New York, researching real estate trends, and geeking out over planes, trains, and automobiles.

Jimmy Zhang

Software Engineer

Jimmy is a recent graduate of Duke University who studied Electrical Engineering and Psychology. He sees code as not only a pursuit in itself but also as a crucial way to enhance other areas of life.

As a former trumpet player, Jimmy still enjoys losing himself in classical music among other genres. He sees many parallels between writing good code and performing music. He likes to stay active and read as much as possible outside of work.

Kat Guthrie

Software Engineer

Kat has a Bachelor and Master of Music in Vocal Performance, and enjoyed a career in contemporary opera and musical theater with musicians and organizations like Rufus Wainwright, New York City Opera, and the Tony Awards before turning to code.

She's passionate about health and wellness, meditates (nearly) every day, and is a devoted cat-mom to her Russian blue, Obi.

Cara Weber

Software Engineer

Cara graduated from Duke with majors in literature and French. She spent a fellowship year in Germany before returning to the US to complete a PhD in literature at Johns Hopkins University.

After teaching in the English department at Pace University for a few years, Cara was ready for a new challenge and dove into the world of programming.

Naz Khan

Software Engineer

Naz studied Finance at Baruch College and has a professional background in Banking and Financial Services.

However, through his passion for technology along with his analytical mindset, Naz discovered his true calling in life - Computer Science and Programming.

Naz spends his spare time tutoring and preparing students for standardized tests. He is also a competitive gamer involved with the tournament scenes for video games such as CounterStrike and Street Fighter.

Patrick Kim

Software Engineer

Patrick studied Psychology and Neuroscience at Cornell, with a special interest in mechanisms of animal behavior.

He enjoys a good challenge, and will get sucked into any hobby with a high skill ceiling and a means for constant progression- his favorites include musical instruments, hobbyist electronics, and competitive video games like Melee and DotA.

Caryn McCarthy

Software Engineer

Caryn majored in Cognitive Science and Linguistics at Pomona College and worked in social work and education before starting a career in code. For Caryn, coding is a way to develop and apply creative problem-solving and analytical skills that are applicable in many aspects of life.

In her spare time, she mentors, dances cuban salsa, works on a growing collection of puzzles, and tries to explore all the food that New York City has to offer.


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